Lepro Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Generated Lighting Technology, LightGPM™


Lepro, a leader in AI lighting innovation, proudly unveils its pioneering LightGPM™ technology, a first-of-its-kind Generative Pretrain Model for Lighting. This revolutionary advancement offers smart lights that adapt to commands and emotions, tailoring lighting effects to users' moods with unparalleled precision. Lepro's latest offerings, powered by LightGPM™, are designed to transform the home lighting experience, providing dynamic customization and intuitive control.

Introducing Three Innovative AI-Powered Lighting Solutions

Powered by LightGPM™, our devices offer a cutting-edge lighting experience with over 12,000 effects. They leverage AI voice and facial expression recognition for unparalleled customization. The addition of LightBeats Music Sync and Lepro+ app connectivity further enhances versatility, enabling scene and mood adjustments for innovative lighting solutions. Explore the distinct features across our range:

Lepro WL1 RGB LED Wall Lights

  • Various Shape Combinations, including different light segments
  • Dot-free
  • Wide Illumination Area

Lepro N1 Neon RGB Rope Lights

  • DIY in Any Shapes
  • Dot-free
  • Waterproof

Lepro S1 LED Strip Lights

  • Adopt IC Chip for Customizable Segment Colors
  • Full Immersion into Environment
  • Dot-free

Each product line caters to different preferences and requirements, ensuring there's a smart lighting solution for every scenario.

LightGPM™: Leading the Future of AI Lighting

With LightGPM™, Lepro is not just introducing a technology; it's pioneering a new era of smart lighting that's intuitive, responsive, and deeply personalized. This innovation underscores Lepro's commitment to enhancing the way individuals interact with their environments, offering lighting solutions that are not only smart but also attuned to the nuances of human emotion and preference.

  • Emotion and Command Recognition: Employing advanced AI algorithms, LightGPM™ meticulously analyzes users' facial expressions and voice commands to accurately interpret their moods and requirements. Whether elicited by a smile, a frown, or a verbal command, LightGPM™ adeptly modifies AI-generated lighting effects to align with the user's emotional state or preferred ambiance, delivering a tailored lighting experience.
  • Seamless Integration and Control: Designed with user convenience in mind, LightGPM™ incorporates AI Voice Recognition and the innovative LightBeats Music Sync feature. This allows for effortless control and synchronization of lighting with music, providing an immersive audio-visual experience that enhances any activity, from parties to tranquil evenings at home.
  • Smart Ecosystem Compatibility: LightGPM™ technology provides seamless precision in managing essential lighting functions, such as on/off toggling, color and brightness adjustments, and timer settings, facilitating a streamlined and efficient user experience.