Silverside AI unveils Hypnovels, a Generative AI platform that will radically change the way books are consumed, promoted, and enjoyed. The platform, now in beta at (password: reading2024), represents a powerful new AI marketing tool that allows authors to generate engaging animated experiences from their book's content in just a few easy steps and taking only a few hours to render.

In four simple steps, any author can create an animation and engaging multimedia experience that would normally take months of time and enormous creative resources. Authors simply enter text from a chapter, briefly describe the book's setting, choose a visual style and narrator voice, and in just a few hours they can produce an engaging animation maintaining their unique vision — a Hypnovel that is ready and easy to share with current and untapped readers who likely wouldn't otherwise know of their title.

"We are harnessing the amazing power of AI to help authors worldwide better promote their books and engage more readers," says Rob Wrubel, co-founder of Silverside AI and Founding CEO of pioneering search engine, Ask Jeeves.

For readers, Hypnovels represents a new way to experience books aimed at making reading interesting for the ficklest audiences. "There are a lot of AI applications out there trying to turn words into movies," says PJ Pereira, award-winning advertising veteran and founder of Silverside AI.  "But not this one. Hypnovels define a new language, created specifically to attract people to books."

The idea for Hypnovels was born when Pereira used AI to promote his sci-fi novel, The Girl From Wudang. He realized the same format could be used with other books, if what he did was turned into a tool simple and flexible enough to tell different kinds of stories. "As an author and creative, I know the power of a beautiful visual to bring people into a story," says Pereira. "Through AI, we could bring the same production value exclusive to big advertisers, into the hands of authors everywhere."

The Hypnovels platform is a unique blend of AI and creativity, using several forms of AI combined into one: GPT4 for interpretation, Stable Diffusion for animation, Eleven Studios for voice, and multiple individually created artistic styles.

But Hypnovels' real value is the way these technologies are tuned to enhance the reader experience. "As an author, I want my readers to form their own images in their minds. The Hypnovels animations we generate are a companion that intensifies the experience," says Pereira.

Because great visuals work only if they are seen, Silverside is partnering with BookTrib, a leading online literary platform for readers and a marketing engine for authors and publishers. With 30 years in the business of book publishing and promoting authors' works, Meryl Moss, creator of BookTrib as well as President and Founder of Meryl Moss Media Group, a literary media relations and marketing firm, sees Hypnovels as a gamechanger in the sharing and promoting of literary works. "Through the magic of AI, authors and publishers have an entirely new way of attracting and engaging readers to their content," Moss says. "Readers will lose themselves in new literary works through this innovative melding of words and visuals. And classics will receive a whole new life that will delight existing fans and attract new ones to these fresh interpretations." 

Fairview Portals and Supersocial Unveil New Line Cinema's 'Elf North Pole Workshop' on Roblox in Celebration of the Classic Film's 20th Anniversary

This holiday season, Fairview Portals, a creative studio building next-generation experiences and Supersocial, a pioneer in virtual world development, announce the launch of New Line Cinema's 'Elf North Pole Workshop' – a first-of-its-kind Roblox experience based on the iconic holiday film. The experience was developed in partnership with the storied Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group. Supersocial and Fairview Portals plan to expand upon the virtual immersive space launching new features and experiences in the coming months that bring holiday spirit to the Roblox community all year-long.

The immersive space, rooted in the spirit of community and togetherness, mirrors the themes of the classic movie. Users can don elf hats and choose from three vital workshop roles: Wish Taker, Toy Maker and Gift Wrapper. Each role contributes to the success of Santa's Workshop, fostering collaboration and teamwork, with the community's collective progress and rewards the helpful elves with presents and digital wearables. The enchanting virtual experience invites users of all ages to step into the festive landscape and embrace their inner elf.

"'Elf' has become a holiday classic over the last two decades, and we are excited for the opportunity to expand the magical world Fairview Portals created in collaboration with Supersocial into the hugely popular Roblox platform," said Ricky Tydus, SVP of Creative Strategy & Film Operations Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group.

The visual landscape of 'Elf North Pole Workshop' draws inspiration from the classic stop-motion animation style. Fairview Portals in collaboration with Supersocial, employed special artistic effects such as tilt-shift camera, desaturated environments, material-inspired textures, and frame rate limiters to recreate the timeless charm of a stop-motion world seamlessly in real-time on the Roblox platform.

"This project was a labor of love and an exciting journey for the Supersocial team that captures the whimsy and joy of the holiday season," said Yonatan Raz-Fridman, founder and CEO of Supersocial. "We set out to deliver an immersive and visually stunning experience for players, honoring our commitment to pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment."

'Elf North Pole Workshop' goes beyond aesthetics, offering an innovative play that combines community with nostalgic surprises that generate new experiences with each visit.

To experience the magic of the holidays through the eyes of 'Elf North Pole Workshop,' immerse yourself on Roblox today: here.