MasterClass, the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best, today announced the launch of “Gut Health,” a three-part Original Series led by a panel of the world’s leading specialists that explores the critical connections between what we eat and our overall health. The class is available now exclusively on MasterClass, where subscribers have unlimited access to all 185+ instructors with an annual membership.

“Gut Health” provides an approachable explanation of the role the gut plays in everything from brain function and hormone regulation to inflammation control and disease prevention. Gut health experts from world-renowned institutions will teach members how to develop a healthier habitat for their gut microbiome so they can live and age well. They will learn food preparation techniques that stimulate beneficial bacteria in the gut and walk away with information on how to lead healthier and happier lifestyles. By taking this class, members will:


  • Learn How the Gut and Brain Are Linked With Dr. Emeran Mayer: Leading gut health expert Dr. Mayer shares his thorough research on the connection between the brain and the gut. Get Dr. Mayer’s insights on how this relationship informs everything from our mood to our emotions and our brain function.
  • Whip Up Gut-Friendly Recipes With David Zilber: David Zilber, fermentation expert and former head of the fermentation lab at Noma, teaches members how to support gut health through the art of culinary fermentation. Learn how to make recipes rich in fiber, prebiotics, and probiotics like yogurt and kombucha.
  • Boost Your Immunity With Dr. Erica Sonnenburg and Dr. Justin Sonnenburg: Alongside the renowned Stanford-based microbiologists, immunologists, and authors, discover gut-friendly lifestyle choices to strengthen your immune system against both autoimmune and infectious diseases.

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