The GoPro Mountain Games outdoor festival is set to kick off summer in Vail, Colorado this June 6 – 9. Hosted by the Vail Valley Foundation (VVF), GoPro Mountain Games has grown into an internationally recognized outdoor event that draws thousands of spectators and athletes—ranging from seasoned pros to weekend warriors, kids and dogs. The event is now one of North America’s largest celebrations of adventure sports and outdoor lifestyle.

“The GoPro Mountain Games are such an awesome way to kick off summer in the mountains, whether you’re competing in the events, strolling around the village or taking in the evening concerts,” says Rick Loughery, GoPro’s Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications. “And GoPro’s cameras and software are the perfect solutions to capture and share these experiences.”

“The GoPro stoke from the event attendees is unmatched and we’re excited to continue working with VVF in the years to come,” Loughery adds.

From GoPros mounted on kayakers plunging down Gore Creek to the madness of the mud runs or getting a pup’s eye view from spectator-favorite Dock Dogs, there is no shortage of opportunities to capture amazing moments.

GoPro first joined Mountain Games in 2010, and at that time, the event brought in around 37,000 spectators and 2,600 athletes. In 2013, GoPro took on the role of title sponsor. Today, the event now draws more than 90,000 spectators and over 4,000 athletes in 30+ competitions across 11 disciplines. Spectators can also tune into event recaps from afar hosted by VVF media partners.

“GoPro is an exceptional partner for this event and has been instrumental in the continued growth of the Mountain Games,” said Dave Dressman, GoPro Mountain Games Event Director for VVF. “Over the last 15+ years, GoPro has enabled us to capture and share the thrill of Mountain Games from an entirely unique, immersive perspective to help promote the mission of the games: bringing mountain action sports to the community whether you’re a pro or not.”

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