Tezza, the leading platform for creative photo and video editing, is thrilled to announce the launch of TezzaCam, a groundbreaking feature designed to revolutionize the way users capture and edit their moments.

TezzaCam represents a significant milestone in the app’s commitment to empowering content creators, enabling them to unleash their creativity and elevate their visual storytelling. This innovative feature meticulously recreates the simplicity of the point-and-shoot era with some of the most iconic vintage cameras ever made, allowing users to embrace perfect imperfections, messy grain, warm textures, and the spontaneity that no longer needs to be lost to old photo albums. TezzaCam is the latest achievement from TEZZA founders Tessa¬†“Tezza” Barton and¬†Cole Herrmann, the husband-and-wife team who created the app and independently grew it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

“We are thrilled to introduce TezzaCam as the latest addition to the Tezza app,” said Barton. “TezzaCam enables anyone to relive the magic of old-school photography whether you’re on a night out, a beach day, or a last-minute trip with friends. TezzaCam transforms ordinary moments into unforgettable memories with its unique blend of vintage charm and modern convenience.”

The standout differentiator of TezzaCam is Real-Time Film Emulation. Users can now apply a wide range of film emulations to their photos and videos directly within the camera viewfinder, allowing for instant experimentation and customization.

Users can then save photos and videos taken within TezzaCam directly to their camera roll with no post-editing, to authentically recreate the experience of shooting on film. For those who do need the ability for some post-capture adjustments, TezzaCam allows for that as well, with the option to save content taken with TezzaCam to the Tezza Library to take advantage of all the other professional editing tools that Tezza offers. These include:

  • Dynamic Filters and Effects: Tezza offers an extensive library of high-quality filters, overlays, textures, and effects, enabling users to effortlessly enhance their images and videos with just a tap.
  • Customizable Presets: With Tezza, users can create and save their own custom presets, tailored to their unique aesthetic preferences and editing styles, for quick and easy application to future captures.
  • Professional-Grade Tools: From advanced color correction and exposure adjustments to selective editing and retouching tools, Tezza provides users with professional-grade editing capabilities, all conveniently accessible within the camera interface.

To celebrate this milestone, TEZZA is hosting a pop-up event in LA, showcasing the new TezzaCam alongside an interactive art space. The event begins with a VIP/Press Day on April 4th, followed by public access on April 6th and 7th, promising an engaging and inspiring experience for content creators and enthusiasts alike. Join us at 8425 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood CA, as we unveil the future of photography and creativity with TezzaCam.

TezzaCam is now available to all Tezza app users as part of the latest app update. Download TEZZA at the App Store or Google Play and learn more at www.shoptezza.com.